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improving your business's online presence

The online competition to differentiate your business from the crowd is stiffer than ever. That's why StudioAM has developed a system to get your business noticed and stand out from the rest. Don't worry if you don't have the budget of one of the big guys, our approach works for any size business.

We'll work with you to determine your business goals whether that means attracting more business, building a brand, or simply keeping up with the social media marketing game. Once we have set goals with you and your team, we can work on ads that will show on Google, Youtube, Facebook and websites in the Google network. These ads are then tailor-made to the audience of your choosing. This is what makes digital advertising so effective. Only the internet users you want to see your ads will see them and you only pay when those ads pique users' interest enough to visit your website. 

Below is a general outline of our process and the tools we use to boost your business:



Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell: we make small changes to revamp your website in a way that helps Google decide your website is more relevant to a user's web search. This process may include changing the layout of your site, organizing information and linking topic-related webpages since these actions play heavily into Google's organic search ranking algorithm. These are the results that appear beneath the ads in a Google search.


search engine marketing

Advertising via search engine gives you much more control over who you want to see your ads. If you want to exclusively target a younger audience within 5 miles of your business during business hours or women who are interested in outdoor activities, you can. Drawing the attention of customers you want to advertise to has never been easier! Best of all, unlike traditional advertising, you only pay when interested users click (PPC or Pay Per Click) meaning you get the most out of your advertising budget.


social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is not only a great way to target desirable potential consumers, but also a great way to connect with your audience. This medium is especially effective since content can be tailored to appeal to users given the information they have provided in their profile and the categories of pages they have liked (e.g. sports pages, news pages or food-related pages). If your product or service is more visual, leave it up to our photographers' and web video maker's expertise to make your product shine!


Search/ad analytics

This is how we learn about your audience after displaying your ads and seeing how they perform among target demographics. By pouring through the data provided by users' clicks on your ads and interactions with your website, we can better our approach. We believe there is always more that can be done to get a leg up on the competition so you can rest easy knowing we are improving your campaign every single day.


Why Studio AM?

Versatility. Through experiences working with businesses small and large in various industries we have developed an approach to digital advertising that makes the most of your budget no matter the size of your business. And as group that has an extensive background in the creative side of advertising as well as strategic we can guarantee the utmost attention to eye-catching design while always keeping your ROI in mind.

Expertise. With our collective creative backgrounds in videography, photography, and graphic design we believe we are in a unique position to not only to get the word out about your business but to tell a story that captivates, builds your brand, and spurs action. 

Accountability. We know that you work hard for your advertising budget so we take every measure to make sure you are fully satisfied and well informed of where your budget is going. That's why, periodically through your online campaign, we take the time to update you with reports analyzing your ads and their success while making sure we're on course to meet our objectives.

Track Record. Studio AM's Google Adwords certified copywriters have a history of outperforming industry average clickthrough rates for our clients both on the search network and display network. Whereas traditional media ads have their place, online advertising success is easier to measure and we have given our clients consistently positive results.

If you believe that a digital advertising campaign can benefit your business, don't hesitate to call or email us for a free evaluation.